Pepsi Music Lab programme aims to help 12 ‘next generation’ artists bubble up

Pepsi Music Lab will give 12 artists annually the opportunity to perform, build their brand and receive mentorship from industry moguls.

Pepsi Music Labs Promo Shot

Image: Pepsi Music Labs

Soft-drink empire Pepsi has offered a new way for upcoming musicians to expand their careers – introducing the Pepsi Music Lab.

Announced yesterday (20 October), the new academy will watch twelve aspiring new artists of different genres receive coaching from some of the most renowned names in the industry.

These artists are Akinyemi, Tarik, Cain Lofton, Amira Unplugged, Brian V, Sergio, Godby, Nohemy, KBTHESINGER, Lynnea, Lexie Hayden and Oompa.

For those taking part, the platform offers opportunities to perform at live events and receive guidance from industry experts, such as Laurieann Gibson and Director X, on how to develop a brand and harness social media.

Five of the twelve candidates chosen for the current class of 2022 were previously contestants in music competition, Becoming A Popstar, which was made by the brand in collaboration with MTV and TikTok.

Speaking to Billbord, Pepsi CEO Todd Kaplan explained the aim of Pepsi Music Lab: “By removing barriers within the music industry, we can provide these talented artists with the resources, knowledge, exposure, and connections to help accelerate their growth as musicians and further enable their success. It will truly make a positive impact on the futures of the artists we believe will push the industry forward.”

Find out more about the platform on Pepsi Music Lab’s website.

In recent months, the landscape of the music industry has begun to shift, with rumours of TikTok Music due to launch at any given moment and with industry mogul Simon Cowell too developing a new songwriting platform with the viral video platform.


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