Holly Herndon shares behind-the-scenes footage with her AI collaborator

New footage gives deeper insight into her use of an AI on recent album, PROTO.

Holly Herndon’s new album PROTO is, in part, an exploration into the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence as a tool to create unique sounds. Her “AI baby”, named Spawn resynthesises her voice by processing pre-recorded phrases, both melodic, and spoken.

We managed to catch up with Holly earlier this year to talk about her new album, and the processes she went through to bring the project to fruition. This new behind-the-scenes video gives a more in-depth look at Spawn and how it was created, with a nice quick comparison to Spawn’s vocal recreation and the first-ever audio recording in 1860 from Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville.

Find out more about Holly and her work at hollyherndon.com.


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