Warm Audio updates its U87 replica with the WA-87 R2

The update adds higher-quality components, a sturdier chassis and a new head basket shape.

Warm Audio WA87 R2

Image: Warm Audio

Warm Audio has announced the WA-87 R2, a revised take on its budget-friendly Neumann U87 reproduction. The updated large diaphragm condenser adds higher-quality components, a sturdier brass body, a new rounded head basket, and more.

The WA-87 R2 now sports NOS Fairchild transistor and high-bandwidth polystyrene and film capacitors from Wima. Like the original, there’s also a custom-wound Cinemag USA output transformer, which Warm Audio says it’s improved to offer a touch more output and a slightly improved frequency response. The new rounded head basket shape, too, is said to lend to “a more pleasing sonic signature”.

Outside of the changes, the microphone still functions closely to the classic Neumann FET condenser. It offers three polar patterns (cardioid, figure-eight and omnidirectional) for various applications; an onboard -10dB pad for tracking SPL-heavy sources and a high-pass filter for curbing excessive low-end rumble.

With this latest version, Warm Audio has also decided to keep the price tag the same: $599. And in case you were wondering, this is about a sixth the cost of a brand new Neumann U87 AI.

The WA-87 R2 comes in two finishes: nickel or black. Each also comes with a wooden storage case, a hard mount and a shock mount.

Learn more at warmaudio.com

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