Spatial Mic Dante: Voyage Audio’s flagship ambisonic mic just got a serious upgrade

“Spatial Mic Dante completely redefines what a microphone can do,” promises the developer.

Voyage Spatial Mic Dante

Californian developer Voyage Audio has unveiled a brand new version of its 360º ambisonic Spatial Mic microphone: the Spatial Mic Dante.

Featuring eight capsules for 2nd order ambisonics, the mic promises to accurately capture the complete soundfield with “ unmatched control, versatility and quality.”

With Audinate’s Dante audio networking system built in, the Spatial Mic Dante only needs an ethernet cable to transmit its signal and have its parameters adjusted for optimal recording. It can output complex polar patterns and shift its focus around the soundfield for flexible application when it comes to VR, surround sound, ATMOS and spatial audio – recorded or broadcast live.

“Spatial Mic Dante completely redefines what a microphone can do”, said Colin Ritchie, founder of Voyage Audio. “A multichannel 360 microphone with built-in Dante audio networking, coupled with MicNet Control and Spatial Mic Converter software opens up many exciting applications in broadcast, live and studio recording.”

The new MicNet Control app allows for remote control of the Spatial Mic Dante’s analogue stage and internal DSP processing. As well as providing gain and tone control, it also allows the microphone to switch between unprocessed, 1st order ambisonics and surround feeds and virtual mono or stereo mic pairs, also offering pattern control and make-up gain.

The Spatial Mic Converter Plugin is also included in the package, utilising an internal 64-channel filter matrix and measurements taken from within an anechoic chamber to convert raw unprocessed audio signals from the Spatial Mic Dante or the Spatial Mic USB to various formats, suitable for an array of production applications.

Voyage Audio has also released extensive resources to demonstrate the Spatial Mic Dante in action, including a series of videos featuring engineer Christian Cummings recording the Ed Kornhauser Trio at Signature Sound in San Diego.

Spatial Mic Dante is available now, retailing for $2,899 with software included. For more information visit


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