Vochlea’s Dubler 2 lets you trigger samples and play instruments with just your voice

Vochlea claims the software can learn your voice in “under 30 seconds”.

Vochlea Dubler 2

Image: Vochlea

Vochlea‘s Dubler 2 lets you trigger samples and play instruments with your voice as the MIDI controller, using a simple calibration process that adapts the software to your setup.

It seems to have something to offer music-makers of all sorts – whether you’re a beatboxer looking to trigger samples, a singer who wants to harmonise their voice with a synth, or a producer who would rather hum a melody than fiddle with the piano roll.

Dubler 2’s calibration process – which Vochlea claims can learn your voice in “under 30 seconds” – analyses your input gain, as well as the pitch and timbre of your voice to stay accurate. It also works with non-vocal sources such as hand claps, table taps and more.

One particularly nifty feature for vocalists is how Dubler 2 lets you map vowels to three CC outs, which can then be routed to control effects, filters and more for an expressive performance.

In the percussive realm, the software can differentiate between eight different sounds to trigger samples, with velocity and pitch also taken into account.

For those of us who aren’t the best singers, scale quantisation helps you out, making an intelligent guess at what we’re trying to sing with a selection of 14 scales, key detection and suggestion.

Meanwhile, there are two pitch-bending options: IntelliBend anchors you to a note until you decide to bend away from it, while TruBend follows your voice exactly.

A free seven-day trial for Dubler 2 is available now. Otherwise, you can pick up a full copy for $249.

Learn more at vochlea.com