Versatile sidechaining is key to Suonobuono’s nABC compressor

Not meant to be just Another Boring Compressor.

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Suonobuono nABC compressor

Suonobuono has launched a Kickstarter campaign for nABC, an analogue compressor with a host of convenient sidechain triggering options.

Traditional compressors can be triggered via a sidechain – i.e. a signal other than the input – but this requires additional routing. This ‘trigger’ signal is also ordinarily audio. Common uses include ducking synths with a kick drum, for example.

With nABC, the sidechain can be triggered by analogue gate/cv signals from a modular rig, USB, MIDI, audio signals, or even a foot pedal.

Benefits of these control alternatives are two-fold. Firstly, this means you don’t have to programme kicks drums to trigger the compressor. This allows you to focus on the time, depth and shape of your compressions. Secondly, the trigger options open up the door to sequencers, MIDI controllers or DAWs, enabling you to program nABC’s sidechain compression using these external tools.

Naturally, nABC can also be used as a regular compressor, with studio-quality dynamic compression promised by its makers.

Over to the device’s user interface, you’ll find navigational touch pads and a central aluminium knob used to shape compression parameters such as attack, release, threshold, ratio and makeup gain. In addition to these, the device also lets you play with sidechain-specific settings such as sidechain selection, depth, trigger hold, and MIDI channel.

Pledges for nABC start from €280/$320. More info at


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