Quartarone Guitar Reveries delivers cinematic, ambient electric guitar sounds

Blend organic tones, ambient pads and complex granular synth-like tones.

Valiant Samples Quartarone Guitar Reveries

Image: Valiant Samples

Valiant Samples, a new Australian sample maker, has released Quartarone Guitar Reveries, a software instrument based on the cinematic sonic palette of guitarist and composer Claudio Quartarone.

The instrument encourages experimentation, with the intention of building custom sounds from two combined sample presets at a time. Sounds are split into three categories: Guitars demonstrate a plucked string quality similar to their traditional counterparts; Pads are more atmospheric, and Keys are more reminiscent of electric pianos and synths.

Selecting the empty preset option lets you start blending sounds, marked A and B. Both feature dedicated envelope, volume and pan controls. The presets that come preloaded in Quartarone Guitar Reveries span organic sounding guitars, to complex granular synth sounds. These however, all come from Claudio Quartarone’s guitar.

Quartarone Guitar Reveries gives you a handful of built-in effects, which can be applied to A or B sounds, or both. These include reverb, filter, saturation, widening and tremolo. For more in-depth effect parameter adjustments, there’s also a dedicated effects page.

Check out Valiant Samples’ full overview of the instrument below.

Quartarone Guitar Reveries is available for $79 as a Kontakt or NKS-ready instrument.

Learn more at valiantsamples.com

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