Modalics Beat Scholar is a pizza-inspired drum machine that slices up grooves

Slice up grooves, dish em’ out hot.

Modalics Beat Scholar

Image: Modalics

Modalics announced this week that it has revealed a brand new plugin: a hyper-divisible drum machine that takes inspiration from pizzas.

Newly launched, Beats Scholar is the latest addition to the brand’s range of plugins and aims to give creators a new sense of freedom when dividing up grooves per beat.

Without losing flow, the plugin provides an intriguing and unorthodox way of composing rhythms, giving users the ability to slice their mix without being tied down to substep, -tuplets or measure systems.

Think of it in a similar way to how a pizza can be divided up in any way possible and, voila, there is the source of inspiration behind the design. As the brand representatives state, “Play 35 kicks on a ¼ note? psh… easy! [or] Slice beat pizzas into up to 42 pieces and place any drum on any slice!”

Built-in kits and a sampler come included. Here, over 250 curated factory samples are incorporated to capture a wide range of possibilities. What’s more, each sample can be adjusted – giving users complete control over the attack, length and pitch.

Pitch, filtering and multi-effects are incorporated into the Beats Scholar, alongside an embedded drag-and-drop feature, letting creators insert and layer their own samples alongside those already built into the plugin.

By allowing subdivisions to be generated and combined in an almost infinite number of ways, the Beats Scholar seems to emulate the world of ‘human possibility’ more than most drum machines. This is because by giving users the option to put a drum on any beat, add bars and change both measures and beat values, ‘messy’ and ‘imperfect’ options also become available to be explored, alongside the more traditional options.

Available on Mac, Windows, VST3, AU, AAX and as a standalone, the Beats Scholar is out now for $99. The option for a free two-week trial is also currently on offer.

Find out more on Modalic’s website.


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