United Plugins’ Transmutator wants to make your crossfades more exciting

It gives you 16 crossfade modes – each with its own flair.

United Plugins Transmutator

Image: United Plugins

With Transmutator, United Plugins is spicing up the most unspicy of audio effects: the crossfade. With a raft of creative modes available, you should be able to turn the most utilitarian transitions into energetic morphs.

Getting started is simple, just load Transmutator onto a track and set its sidechain to receive from a second track. Now, you have access to 16 different crossfade modes, each with its own flair.

Degrade and Filter modes, which introduce distortion and a high-pass filter, respectively, are well-known DJ classics. There are also some lesser-heard options, such as Liquid mode, which splits inputs into 64 spectral bands – 32 for each track – and crossfades between pairs.

Other crossfade modes include Spectrum, Morph, Stereo, Pan, Transients, Follow, Liquid, Multi, Diffuse, Wash, Blur, Pitch and Shift.

The additional ‘invert’ function puts a spin on each of the 16 crossfade modes for yet more options. On vanilla Pitch mode, each track slides down two whole octaves, while on ‘invert’, they get raised up instead.

As for controls, there’s a large central knob for controlling the actual crossfade, an input gain knob for each channel, a dry/wet knob for the overall effect and an output gain knob.

Check out all 16 crossfade modes in action below:

Transmutator comes in VST, AU and AAX plug-in formats for Windows 8 and above or MacOS 10.10 and newer. However, it will require your DAW to be able to handle sidechain audio connections – meaning GarageBand is not supported.

For the rest of September, you can get Transmutator at an introductory price of €19 (usually €69). There’s also a 15-day demo available.

Learn more at unitedplugins.com

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