Toybox Audio’s Nano Pack gives you 500 bite-sized modules to work with in Reaktor

It includes 34 oscillators, 76 effects, 26 filters, plus samplers, synths and loads more.

Toybox Audio Nano Pack

Image: Toybox Audio

Toybox Audio has launched the Nano Pack, containing a whopping 500 rack modules you can load and modify within Native Instrument’s Reaktor.

The virtual modules include 34 oscillators, 76 effects, 26 filters, plus a host of sampler blocks, sequencer blocks and 300 utility blocks spanning everything from basic input and output to meters, clocks and much more.

Each bite-sized module has been optimised to demand very little from your CPU, so you’ll be able to load a multitude of different modules and not obliterate your computer; these modules could also be handy if you need to insert one into a chain for a quick fix.

From a UI standpoint, these modules look smart, relying on a basic colour palette to present parameters and routing (virtual patch cables) concisely.

Because you’ll be dealing with a plethora of different modules, and are likely to come back to a few favourites, there’s also a snapshot tool that lets you easily store up to eight presets per module.

See a full list of the included modules here.

You can get Toybox’s Nano Pack for an introductory price of $45 (reg. $64) now. Bear in mind that, while you can use these in the free Reaktor Player, you’ll need the full version in order to open up blocks and modify them.

The good news however, is that Reaktor 6 is still going for its Cyber Monday price of $99.50 (usually $199).

There’s also a free Community Edition of the pack that offers a few essential nano modules.

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