Teenage Engineering’s Rumble module adds haptic bass to OP-Z

Feel your music, literally.

Teenage Engineering rumble module

Teenage Engineering has debuted Rumble, the second hardware expansion module for the brand’s OP-Z sequencer. The module features an in-built haptic subwoofer, letting you literally feel your music as it’s played.

So-called haptic technology has become a buzzword in music tech – and broader tech in recent years. Products such as the Subpbac and Basslet give you the sensation of ‘hearing’ low frequencies as they’re translated into vibrations. In a similar vein, the rumble’s subwoofer makes use of high-def “vibrotactile feedback and psychoacoustic technology” to make it seem as though you’re actually listening to a subwoofer.

Besides opening up another sensory dimension, rumble can also be deployed as a “silent metronome”, like the Soundbrenner Core. This could be a great tool for live performers or recording musicians, who won’t have to rely on the sound of the metronome to keep time.

Rumble retails at $89. More info at teenage.engineering.


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