Teenage Engineering reportedly discontinuing the OP-1, for good this time

Time to save up for the OP-1 Field instead?

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synth

Image: Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering is reportedly discontinuing the production of its cult favourite OP-1 synthesizer, for good this time.

According to Synth Anatomy — which cited an email from a TE German distributor as its source — the Swedish company can no longer manufacture the OP-1 due to missing components. Existing pre-orders on the synth will allegedly be cancelled as well.

Released in 2011, the OP-1 was Teenage Engineering’s first core product, and gained instant cult status as a one-stop music-making machine.

With regular updates — every single one of which has been supplied free of charge — Teenage Engineering has been able to keep the OP-1 relevant over the years. Last year, to celebrate the OP-1’s ten year anniversary, the company released a major firmware update (number 243, by the way) which allows the synth the ability to stream audio over USB.

In 2018, rumours of the synth’s demise following a temporary production halt led to soaring resale prices, with a used OP-1 unit going for more than triple its retail price at one point. Today, the OP-1 is still as popular as ever, and that’s after an eye-watering 50 per cent price hike (from $799 to $1,299) back in 2019.

However, given the ongoing pressures of a global parts shortage and with the unveiling of the new OP-1 Field at this year’s Superbooth 2022, time could finally be up for the 11-year-old OP-1.

That said, there’s no word from the officials as of yet and at the time of writing, the OP-1 is still available for purchase on the official TE website for $1,399.

MusicTech has reached out to Teenage Engineering for comment on the OP-1’s status. Stay tuned for updates.


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