Synclavier Digital’s popular synthesis engine is now on iOS

Alongside the Go! and Pocket! apps, the brand also dropped details on the Knob.

Synclavier Go!

The Synclavier Go!

Back at Winter NAMM, Synclavier Digital created quite a buzz with three new products: the Go! and Pocket! iOS apps, as well as the Knob. Full details on each device are now available – here’s a breakdown:

Synclavier Go! And Pocket!

The Go! and Pocket! are iOS synths – for the iPad and iPhone, respectively – that take their cues from the 1980 Synclavier II Synthesizer.

Synclavier Go!

This app comes with the Synclavier’s “signature FM and additive synthesis capabilities”, according to the brand. You’ll be able to convert simple sine waves into a variety of synth sounds, including brass attacks, FM chimes and string tunes.

In all, the app offers over 900 preset timbres that have a wide range of tweakable parameters. Additionally, Go! has support for 12 partials, which is designed to help you layer sounds with unlimited frames.

For a more intuitive experience, you can make use of the app’s keyboard modes, which include portamento, arpeggiate and mono/poly triggering. Go! Also comes with textures such as tremolo, vibrato and panning.

Download from the app store at $29.99.

Synclavier Pocket!

Synclavier Pocket!

The pocket-sized sibling of the Go!, the Pocket! Is a free app that takes a more educational approach to soft synths.

It’s packed with three ‘disks’ of authentic Synclavier sounds, which you can play around with and apply different settings to. The app is also compatible with external devices – you can hook it up a MIDI keyboard or DAW, for instance. If you want to save your own custom timbres, however, you’ll have to make an in-app purchase.

As mentioned, the Pocket! is geared towards entry-level users. To that end, the app features virtual tour pages that cover fundamentals of sound engineering and FM synthesis as well as advanced features that are available as add-ons.

Download from the app store for free. In-app purchase of $4.99.

Synclavier Knob

Synclavier Knob

A re-engineered version of the Synclavier II Synthesizer’s original knob, this device is designed for use with the Go! and Pocket!.

According to the brand, “exact measurements and a balanced spring arrangement” were used to recreate the original knob’s weight and feel. For hardware, the new version is two inches in diameter and is built with instrument-grade aluminium. Its software, on the other hand, is sourced from the Synclavier II.

Retails at $399.

More info at


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