Surge 1.8 update adds new filters and mod options to free synth

It also adds 59 high-quality effects from AirWindows.

Surge Synth 1.8

Image: Surge Synthesizer via Facebook

Surge, the once-commercial soft synth that went open-source in 2018, has received a major update. Version 1.8 of the free synth adds a plethora of new filters, expanded modulation options, 59 effects and much more.

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New filters include two vintage-style four-pole low-pass ladder filters, an OB-Xd filter, plus the K-35 and diode ladder filters from The Wave Warden’s Odin 2 synth. It also adds a cutoff warp filter and a resonance warp filter based on concepts shared by audio tech developer Jatin Chowdhury.

Surge now features a customisable MSEG (multiple segment envelope) modulation source, with a large number of curve types to choose from, editing options, and support for up to 128 nodes and 128 phase units.

Other new modulators include alternate and random per-voice modulators and support for MIDI controllers. You can also save LFO modulator settings as custom user presets and export them for sharing.

Meanwhile, AirWindows has contributed 59 high-quality effects to Surge, which can be chained quickly with a drag-and-drop interface.

As for UI, some visual improvements have been made to both the light and dark skins, and newly introduced: a new vintage-flavoured Royal Surge skin.

See the full changelog for surge 1.8, here.

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