Superbooth 2022: Korg reveals ‘Swiss Army Knife’ build-it-yourself oscilloscope NTS-2

The NTS-2 ships with a complimentary book titled Patch & Tweak with Korg by Bjooks.

Korg NTS-2

Credit: Korg

Superbooth 2022: Korg has unveiled a successor to its NTS-1 build-it-yourself synth – however, the NTS-2 isn’t a sound generator, but rather a “Swiss Army Knife” oscilloscope for musicians.

The NTS-2 is a battery or USB-C powered 4-channel oscilloscope with dual stereo inputs, which will allow users to overlap four signals. It also features a coloured display that can be navigated with physical input buttons and a clickable encoder for further view customisation, and even ships with a companion book titled Patch & Tweak with Korg by Bjooks.

The book focuses on utilising semi-modular synthesis, and comes with tutorials, tips and tricks to leverage several of Korg’s popular accessories, including the MS-20 Mini, Volca Modular and Arp 2600 M synths. The book also comes packed with 25 interviews featuring iconic artists like Pete Townshend, Jean-Michel Jarre and Richard Devine and Korg’s own members like Fumio Mieda, Tatsuya Takahashi, and Dina Pearlman.

Features-wise, the NTS-2 comes with a multiple display mode tuner, Fast Fourier Transform mode, a real-time spectrum analyser, and a dual waveform generator. Both oscillators are capable of creating sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, pulse and noise waveforms – but these are very rudimentary, so don’t expect to create complex tones with the NTS-2 alone. It’s instead designed to work as a partner to patchable synths, as the NTS-2 can use the said waveforms to control voltage sources, set to cycle continuously or operate in a one-shot impulse.

Similar to the NTS-1, the NTS-2 is also a build-it-yourself device that Korg claims takes less than 10 minutes to build with no soldering required, coming with a set of transparent side panels that allow the device to stand up at one of two different mounting angles. Currently slated for a release sometime in summer 2022 for the expected retail price of £165.

More information can be found on Korg’s website.


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