Superbooth 2022: Introducing the MIDI3D and MIDIGlove for making music with movement

It’s available now and puts the power of music quite literally in your hands


Image: MIDI3D

Superbooth 2022: We’ve seen plenty of experiments when it comes to involving the physical body and movement into music production in the past, but the MIDI3D and MIDI Glove may be the most solid contribution we’ve seen yet.

So, how does it all work? It comes in two parts – the MIDI3D works by mapping the position and rotation of your arm joints, involving the forearm, elbow, wrist and part of the hand through sensors. If you’re looking to integrate the use of the fingers, this is where the MIDIGLOVE comes into play.

This bit of gear puts the power of music literally in your hands. Using knuckle connectors, the MIDIGLOVE gives you the ability to assign actions, triggers and notes to different fingers and knuckles, with the option to play with pitch, volume and effects with up and down motions. If your mind is still blown, you can take a look at both of them in action below:

To simplify its use, it also has its own app to manipulate the data being generated and to play with effects. The MIDI3D and MIDIGLOVE provide a choice of tethered or wireless connectivity depending on your needs, but it seems as though the tethered version has a higher resolution. You can also plug directly into Ableton, Bigwig, Reaper or any DAW with live MIDI or OSC.

A detailed video of how the mapping and tracking works with this glorious new innovation is available to watch below, for those who are curious as to how this is all made possible:

When it comes to pricing, right now the basic MIDI3D pack starts at £288, whereas the MIDIGLOVE package starts at £649 for the tethered option and at a slightly more pricey £1,049 for wireless.

You can find out more on the MIDI3D website but if you’re heading down to Superbooth yourself, you can catch it at booth H210.


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