Superbooth 2019: Superlative’s SB-1 analogue synthesizer is an homage to Roland’s SH-101

With a rechargeable battery for hours of synth fun.

Superlative has debuted SB-1 (aka Space Bee), a compact analogue synthesizer that pays tribute to Roland’s SH-101.

At the heart of Space Bee, you’ll find a replica 3340 voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) and a four-pole OTA voltage-controlled filter (VCF) with “discrete” envelope. The device’s oscillator is capable of generating four waveforms – Pulse Variable, Saw Up, Square and Sub Oscillator – while oscillation modulation is also available in envelope, keyboard and LFO forms.

Besides its sonic capabilities, the Space Bee is armed with sustainable components like a rechargeable, replaceable battery, which the brand is touting as the first on an analogue synth.

Superlative SB-1 Space Bee

As you’ll see in the video above, the device also features a full-sized keyboard modelled after rubber dome switches. This rubber-like material contributes to a “fast and responsive feel”, according to the brand.

Elsewhere, SB-1 packs a range of Ins/Outs spanning USB, MIDI and CV/Gate, which enable you to connect the device to other synths or modular rigs. Space Bee also boasts a dual-layer sequencer, which lets you to play two synths at once by synchronising controls between the main and paired instrument.

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