Superbooth 2019: Dubreq’s Stylophone Gen-R8 is a powerful touch synth

This is no ordinary touch synthesizer – it’s brimming with features.

Six oscillators, eight waveform LFOs, a three-octave touch keyboard… Dubreq’s new Stylophone Gen-R8 is an all-analogue boutique touch synthesizer that adds serious power and features to an instrument often seen as a novelty.

The Gen-R8 has plenty of bells and whistles. Each of the two VCOs can ‘divide down’ by two octaves, adding up to six oscillators in total. It has a 12dB state-variable filter with various modes, a 16-step sequencer with eight banks, and glide and mod keys. There’s even an analogue delay section – and everything’s housed in a sturdy powder-coated steel enclosure.

dubreq stylophone gen r-8

However, at $349, the Gen-R8 doesn’t come cheap – even more so considering Dubreq’s entry-level Stylophone S-1 will set you back less than $30.

The Dubreq Gen-R8 is expected to ship in July.


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