Stylophone Gen-R8 is available to order now

Dubreq’s six oscillator touch keyboard synth is all-analogue

Stylophone Gen-R8 close up

After premiering the synth at Superbooth, followed by a teaser showing at NAMM and SynthFest UK, Dubreq is finally rolling out the Stylophone Gen-R8. The fully analogue, semi-modular synth is big sister of Dubreq’s Gen X-1, based on the original model from 1968.

Continuing the theme of a touch keyboard, Gen-R8 is much larger than its predecessor and packs more of a punch. It features dual VCOs with Saw, Square and PWM waves, plus sub oscillators and sub-sub oscillators if for some seriously deep, ground trembling bass.

It’s built with a unique British design with 12dB VCF with low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and a wide notch. The LFO has eight waveforms to offer, with sample & hold and one-shot features. An analogue-style delay has modulation CV and adds an element of grittiness to the sound, as well as a drive knob for extra thickness.

Gen-R8’s touch keyboard is 3-octave, and features the glide and modulation functions for expressive performance control. The synth has a 16-step sequencer too, with eight banks, available and on-the-fly switching, further enhancing its performance capabilities. MIDI In/Out makes this a flexible device in MIDI set-ups.

Dubreq’s Gen-R8 is available to purchase now, although the company has said shipping will not commence until 4 November – “there may be a delay whilst your unit is literally on the assembly line”. The synth costs £300, which may be a huge step up from the Gen X-1, but this is certainly a different animal.

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