Strymon’s BigSky reverb plugin is a “direct port” of the original guitar pedal

Run as many BigSkys as your computer can handle – this is going to be a serious exercise in self-control.

Strymon Big Sky

Image: Strymon

Strymon has announced the BigSky reverb plugin, described as a “direct port” of the guitar pedal which became a studio favourite of mix engineers and producers alike.

The software version of the BigSky includes all 12 of the original pedal’s reverb machines: Bloom, Cloud, Chorale, Shimmer, Magneto, Non-Linear, Reflections, Room, Hall, Plate, Spring and Swell.

The ‘Hold’ function is also present – this lets you trigger an endless reverb effect in both Infinite (engages infinite sustain) and Freeze (where you can stack unprocessed audio atop) modes.

All these features come with the benefit of being run by your computer: You could run multiple instances of BigSky in a session; Save your settings to the session, and resize the interface to adapt to your workflow.

“All of the uniqueness and clarity of the pedal version is perfectly recreated in the plugin – the long exotic tails and thick tones, the recreations of classic studio machines like springs and plates, and the ease of use are all there,” wrote Strymon in a product description.

“We made the plugin UI dynamic, meaning that it changes depending on what reverb machine you have selected. That way you always see the controls that you need to tweak, and those controls stay put until you change them, even if you select another reverb machine”

The Strymon BigSky Plugin is available at $199, but if you’d like to give it a try first, there’s also a 7-day trial.

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