Spotify’s brand-new LA studio shown off in inside-look video

The studio spaces bring the best of vintage and the world of DAWs together in a “creative haven”

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Image: Joe Scarnici / Getty Images for Spotify

Sound On Sound Magazine has shared an inside look of Spotify’s newly-curated new studio hub in Los Angeles, where creatives can come to develop podcasts, record music and even perform live sessions in an all-new Spotify Hall.

The inside look explores the studio spaces, led by William Garrett (senior music producer) and Chris D’Angelo (head of studio facilities).

The studio spaces combine both the best of old and new, integrating vintage tech with “future proof” digital spaces.

The video revealed that the hub hosts a WSDG studio, 18 podcast studios, a live hall and even a purpose built echo chamber.

Garrett claims that the goal was “to create a creative haven for artists” at the studios adding, “We fill it with an amazingly curated collection of instruments, when artists come in we instantly have a topic to talk about ’cause artists and bands are into the gear that makes records ‘cause that’s what they do, so when we can say check out our console or look at this cool piece of gear or here’s a 1959 Gibson Acoustic, it creates an instant rapport.”

A tour through the studio spaces revealed that within Studio A there’s a plethora of rare and charismatic gear including a B3 from the band Social Distortion, a 1969 Wurlitzer Red Top, a bass guitar that once belonged to Peter Hook of New order and a collection of guitars from Fender, to Gibson, to Martin.

Studio B brings a more modernistic approach with an Avid S6 and according to Garrett the space is “future proofed” for the edition of new tech as time goes on.

At the heart of the spaces is a Rupert Neve Designs 5088 mixing console, within it is a stereo bus compressor that “sounds like a 33609”, recreated through the magic of a Rupert Neve Designs 535, with added old school metres and Spotify green lights.


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