Softube and Empirical Labs release Lil FrEQ and Distressor emulations

Trak Pak for Console 1 merges both plug-ins into a single virtual channel strip.

Lil Freq and Mike E Softube Empirical Labs

Image: Softube

Softube and Empirical Labs have partnered up on three new software titles. Mike-E Comp and Lil FrEQ are designed for DAWs, and Trak Pak is built for the Softube’s hybrid mixing system, Console 1.

The Mike-E Comp is based on the classic ELI Distressor with preamp stage, and promises analogue-sounding compression and saturation in an easy-to-follow interface. It also keeps the original’s Nuke Mode. The compressor/saturator plug-in runs as a native plug-in or as a module within Amp Room – Softube’s guitar and bass platform.

Lil FrEQ is based on the hardware equaliser of the same name and promises warm and punchy sounds with eight sections of parameters to adjust. On top of a four-band parametric EQ, you also get an onboard de-esser and a HF limiter.

If you’re using Console 1, Trak Pak amalgamates both the above plug-ins into a single channel strip under Trak Pak. You can also get all three products in the Empirical Labs Complete Collection.

Special introductory prices are now available for all four products. The Mike-E Comp, Lil FrEQ and Trak Pak are $199 each (usually $249), while the Empirical Labs Complete Collection is available for $349 (usually $449).

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