Shure unveils its first hybrid XLR/USB mic – the MV7 Podcast Microphone

Geared toward vocalists, podcasts, gamers and all other creators, regardless of experience

Shure MV7

As people flock to live streaming and podcasting – and continue the new norm of recording music at home – in the wake of self-isolation, Shure has seen an opportunity to release its first hybrid XLR/USB mic: the MV7 Podcast Microphone.

The dynamic mic is designed to suit the needs of all types of creators, whether entry-level or experienced. Shure’s Voice Isolation Technology ensures that the microphone’s pick-up pattern focuses on the vocals, pushing it to the forefront of the recording regardless of the environment. Auto Level Mode helps achieve consistent output levels by automatically adjusting gain in real-time to compensate for changes in the user’s vocal level and mic position. This may be an invaluable time-saving tool in the post-production process – less time automating, more time creating.

Shure MV7

Set-up time is streamlined, too, thanks to the MV7’s integrated touch panel. This allows the user to swiftly adjust gain, headphone volume, monitor mix and mute/unmute, plus an option to lock custom settings. Shure’s free new app desktop app, MOTIV, gives control over a range of preset modes. The tone of the mic can be set to Dark, Natural or Bright, and can be deployed in Auto Level Mode with one click in the MOTIV app.

Mic instance can also be adjusted depending on how the user is positioned in relation to the MV7 via MOTIV. Far mode offers a consistent mic level up to 18 inches – ideal for creators who need a bit more breathing room. The MV7 is also certified by TeamSpeak, which gamers will be pleased to know.

Shure MV7

As the MV7 is an XLR/USB hybrid dynamic mic, its compatibility is extremely versatile. Plug into an audio interface for high-quality recording with the XLR output when recording for a new track, podcasting, radio shows, gaming and voiceovers. Alternatively, hook the MV7 straight into your laptop with USB-A and USB-C connectivity, and even into your phone when on-the-go recording is required. A pleasing amount of Android devices will be able to connect straight into the MV7, but iPhone users can purchase a separate Lightning adapter.

Shure MV7

Although the all-black finish on the MV7 is warmingly reminiscent of the coveted SM7B, some users may be tempted by the silver version. Both are on sale now for a price of £255 at selected retailers.

Shure MV7

Shure’s MV7 is available now. For more information head to

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