Sequential’s Take 5 is a compact analogue polysynth with the Prophet-5’s filter and digital effects

Sequential’s Vintage knob also lets you dial in sonic flavours reminiscent of vintage synths.

Sequential Take 5

Photo: Sequential

Confirming an earlier leak, Sequential has now officially announced the Take 5, a powerful VCO-based analogue polysynth that’s compact and comes at a wallet-friendly price.

The Take 5 offers five voices with two VCOs and a sub oscillator per voice. It packs the same analogue filter found in the Prophet-5 Rev 4, along with Sequential’s Vintage control knob to dial in sonic flavours reminiscent of vintage synths.

There’s a 44-note, full-sized keyboard with a Fatar keybed, which users split into separate performance zones for a wider playable range. The Take 5 also packs front-panel FM, along with a range of digital effects – including reverb, three delays, mod effects and a dedicated overdrive – to round off sounds.

It has a pair of LFOs (one global, and one per-voice), two DADSR envelopes, a 64-step polyphonic sequencer and a multimode arpeggiator.

Overall, it’s a pretty powerful synth for its size and price, and Sequential’s Dave Smith said packing all that performance into such a small footprint was “the kind of challenge we love.”

“Throughout development we were amazed by how huge this synth sounds and how crazy versatile it is,” he said in a statement. “It was a joy to work on and I’m looking forward to hearing what our customers create with it.”

The Take 5 is available now at $1,299.

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