Schlappi Engineering launches new complex oscillator Three Body

The FPGA-based triple oscillator is a complicated beast with vast capabilities

schlappi engineering Three Body HERO 2000x1500

Schlappi Engineering has launched its all-new triple VCO, the Three Body, and its capabilities appear to be huge.

The complex plug-in has been in the works and behind the scenes for four years. It’s a digital, FPGA-based triple oscillator and each oscillator is independent with its own volts/octave input, phase and frequency modulation input, modulation index input and sine, triangle, sawtooth and square wave outputs for a mighty total of 16 outputs altogether.

The centre oscillator is equipped with two phase related output pairs for stereo usage and all three oscillators can be independently set in a free running or ratio mode for further versatility. They can also track external signals at a cv controllable frequency ratio and users can run them into each other to enable a vast window for complex interactions.

This VCO appears to offer a range of complicated soundscapes, offering shrill and sharp tones and an array of capabilities for those looking for something more advanced. A quickstart guide is available for free for those seeking a new challenge, too.

A deeper look into what Three Body is capable of is available to watch below, and users on YouTube are already commenting that they’ve “never seen an FPGA on this level”:

Three Body is available in silver or black and Schlappi Engineering is now taking pre-orders with shipping due to commence in September. It’s limited to one per customer and is retailing at $550. Drops will be happening in batches due to part shortages, you can find out more and place your order here.


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