Create lo-fi lullabies with SampleScience’s free Cassette Roads

Sampled from cassette recordings of an electric piano.

SampleScience Cassette Roads

Image: SampleScience

SampleScience is back with yet another free virtual instrument based in the romantic lo-fi realms of vaporwave and citypop productions. Its latest plug-in, Cassette Roads gives music-makers control over an electric piano recorded to cassette.

“It’s the perfect plug-in to create lo-fi beats to study to,” says SampleScience. “or even better, lo-fi vaporwave lullabies.”

Cassette Roads packs 65MB of samples (16-bit, 44.1Khz) that can be performed with monophonic, polyphonic and legato voice modes. Onboard, there’s also a multi-LFO, high- and low-pass filters, amplitude range controls and of course, a built-in room reverb.

Take a listen to Cassette Roads in action below:

The plug-in comes in both VST and AU formats for Mac and PC. And like 80s TV drums, VHS Waves and Toy Keyboard V2, SampleScience is offering this plug-in as donationware on their website.

We also recently took an in-depth look at SampleScience’s Vaporwaves 2 – which the plug-in makers developed by running an “obscure” 1980s FM synth through used VHS tapes.

Learn more about and download Cassette Roads at 

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