Qu-Bit’s Cascade is a “ratcheting envelope generator” with built-in sound sources

It features built-in white noise, 808 kick, hi-hat and an HF sine tone.

Qu-Bit Cascade

Image: Qu-Bit Cascade Electronix

Qu-Bit, the makers of some pretty eclectic Eurorack modules, has launched Cascade, described as a “ratcheting envelope generator” with an onboard VCA and four internal sound sources.

Cascade is foremost an envelope generator but offers unique sounds through the interactions of its internal features. It processes external audio through its envelope, in AD, ASR, ADSR or ratcheting AD modes.

Its onboard sounds comprise white noise, an 808-style kick, hi-hat and a high-frequency sine tone.

Qu-Bit says of the Cascade: “The unique interactions of its feature set open up new worlds of rhythmic patching and modulation. Easily create ratcheting sequences, bouncy-ball modulation, and pumping compression, all within a single module.”

The envelope generator can handle envelopes attack and decay phases down to 0.5ms in duration. Also, because the module’s architecture is based on Electrosmith’s Daisy ecosystem, Cascade is completely reprogrammable.

The Qu-Bit Cascade is available to buy now at $279 each.

Learn more at qubitelectronix.com

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