What’s new in Pro Tools 2020.11?

Avid’s flagship DAW gets a sleek new Dark theme, audio to MIDI conversion and more.

Avid Pro tools 2020.11

Image: Avid

Avid‘s latest launch of its new Pro Tools | Carbon interface yesterday (12 November) coincided with the release of Pro Tools 2020.11, the latest edition of its flagship DAW. From a sleek new Dark Theme to free access to Melodyne 5 Essential, here’s a look at some major additions.

Dark Theme

A suave new Dark Theme is the new default look for Pro Tools 2020.11 – but if you’re a fan of the classic theme, don’t fret, you can always change it back.

The new appearance isn’t only for dramatic effect. Avid also says it’s “easier on the eyes, especially in lower light conditions” – i.e. it should be handy for those late nights in the studio.

Audio To MIDI convert

You can now convert audio clips to MIDI using a selection of seven algorithms (including Melodic, Polyphonic and Percussive). This can be done either by dragging an audio clip to a MIDI track, or via the Clip List.

This feature should also prove useful when run in tandem with the included new Melodyne 5 Essentials.

Melodyne 5 Essential

Pro Tools subscription plans will now come with Melodyne 5 Essential (usually $99) built-in. Plus, Avid says there will be an “easy, affordable” upgrade plan available should you decide to advance to more expansive editions.

Space Clips

Sound designers, dialogue editors and sound librarians working with thousands of audio files on a single project will benefit from Space Clips, which will separate multiple clips on a track by equal intervals effortlessly.

With a single command, you can now space out multiple clips on a track by equal time intervals. This feature can be particularly time-saving for sound designers, dialogue editors and others who work with thousands of audio files in a single project.

Other New Features

Additionally, Pro Tools 2020.11 introduces a new Bounce window allows you set up presets for speedier workflow; an in-beta function to bounce to .MOV natively has been added, and Pro Tools Ultimate now allows ADM files to be imported and exported in offline mode.

Learn more about Pro Tools 2020.11 at avid.com

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