Polyend’s Tracker Mini is a portable, standalone audio workstation

The release comes after months of leaks and speculation.


Image: Polyend

Polyend has released the Tracker Mini portable standalone audio workstation after months of speculation and leaks.

The Tracker Mini proceeds the Tracker workstation which received critical acclaim for its streamlined interface, deep editing capability and a large suite of sampling, sequencing, sound design and synthesis tools.

The Mini version includes many of these features, despite its smaller casing, and also includes many improvements to functionality, onboard storage, signal pathways and hardware options.

The main difference between the mini and the full size is the FM radio and endless encoding capabilities.

Despite this, Polyend is assured that the Mini offers beat-makers the chance to take their system “on the go”, using the battery-powered operation, meaning that users can have eight hours of non-stop studio-grade production, from basic ideas to complete mixing and mastering.

As well as this, the Polyend Tracker Mini boasts up to 4,000 preloaded samples, 48 instruments with 256 patterns and 128 steps per pattern, and numerous compositional tools, including automatic pattern filling, per-step effects, sample rolls, and batch and global parameter editing.

One of the improved features on the Tracker Mini is that is is MIDI-enabled via 3.5mm TRS jacks, meaning it can be used to sequence hardwardware synths, or be controlled by your DAW. In addition, users can also upload samples via microSD card or capture them on the unit through its onboard mic or line input.

The Tracker Mini also dons a display screen, with 32 gameplay-grade buttons and an intuitive interface.

The Polyend Tracker Mini is currently available for pre-order for $699. For more information, you can head to SweetWater.com


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