PMC unveils IB2S active studio monitors

The IB2S-All and IB2S XBD-AII offer for more power, detail and flexibility.

PMC IB2S-All Series

PMC has launched the IB2S-All and IB2S XBD-All active studio monitors, aimed at professional users.

The three-way IB2S-AII master cabinet is available as a speaker on its own, or with the single-driver XBD bass cabinet to form the IB2S XBD-All system. The latter is perfect for larger rooms as the bass cabinet adds +3dB of LF headroom and delivers a smooth response that goes as low as 20Hz. Otherwise, both cabinets can be mounted in a vertical or side-by-side format.

Here’s a closer look at the features:


Unlike their forebears, both systems feature a pair of 3U rack-mounted electronics per channel that contain DSP-controlled Class D amplification, providing 2025 and 3225 watts to the IB2S-AII and IB2S XBD-AII respectively. The increase in power has several benefits, including reduced distortion, better attack and extended headroom.

Drivers and Technology

Under each cabinet’s hood, you’ll find a set of PMC’s hand-built drivers, comprising a 10-inch carbon-fibre/Nomex piston, a 75mm fabric dome mid and a 34mm soft-dome tweeter. Both systems are also equipped with the brand’s ATL (Advanced Transmission Line) bass-loading technology that’s designed to deliver a signature precision bass across all levels.

Shaping your sound

The monitors’ sounds can be sculpted via HF and LF shelving filters, ±8dB input level trim, and an AES3 digital input. You can also adjust the input sensitivity of the balanced analogue inputs over a range of +4dB to +16dB. For convenient control, these tweaks can all be made via an RJ45 connected remote.

Available this March. More info at