Should you buy a hardware tracker? playpm suggests a free alternative to the Dirtywave M8 and Polyend Tracker

Hardware trackers like the Dirtywave M8 are straight-up cyberpunk – but should you really be spending?

Playpm Gas Therapy

Image: playpm via YouTube / Dirtywave / Polyend

It’s a music production gizmo that looks like a gaming console and reminds us of the time John Connor used an Atari Portfolio to hack an ATM in Terminator 2. Hardware trackers are undeniably cool – but if you’re on the fence about buying one, consider the latest episode of playpm’s GAS Therapy.

Trackers represent musical data in a number-based interface, as opposed to the graphical ones seen on modern DAWs. There is a steep learning curve to trackers, but the cred associated with mastering the method can’t be denied – after all, it’s the ‘proper’ channel to writing authentic 2000s video game OSTs and cult dungeon synth records.

In the latest episode of GAS Therapy, the YouTube series which suggests cheap and free alternatives to popular production gear, playpm discusses MilkyTracker, an open source tracker that lets users find out if they’re truly into the idea of being a trackerhead.

In the video, Playpm runs through the basics of how trackers work, writing with MilkyTracker and shares his personal opinion on trackers.

Watch the full episode below:

And if the video piqued your interest about trackers, head on over to our guide on the History Of Trackers to find out more.


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