Pioneer DJ aims to bridge the gap between DJ and producer with the VM monitors

VM-50, VM-70 and VM-80 active monitors promise a flat frequency response when producing and a club sound when DJ’ing.

Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ has announced the VM series of near-field monitor speakers, comprising the VM-50, VM-70 and VM-80 models. They each feature DSP control so you can manually fine-tune the sound to suit the room they’re in.

Although Pioneer DJ is often renowned for its DJ’ing and live performance gear, the VM series is designed for producers and DJs alike. The brand says that with the DSP control, producers can achieve a flat frequency response when making tunes and recreate a big club sound when they want to spin some tunes.

On the rear of each monitor are a low EQ and high EQ knob, each with four different positions for sound shaping. The diagrams below the knobs show the frequency response at each position, with different labels for each. The L2 position on the lower EQ, for example, produces a flat frequency response.

Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ’s VM series is built with a Class D amp with 96kHz sampling DSP for a wide-bandwidth sound. According to Pioneer DJ, each monitor’s performance results in “low distortion”, bringing “increased energy to the sound”. A 4-mm thick aluminium front baffle suppresses resonances and reduces vibrations, too.

An Aramid fiber woofer cone and Vortex Bass Accelerator is featured on each VM monitor. They might sound space-age and jargony, but the key takeaway is that the newly developed woofer cones are 30 per cent lighter than paper-lined Aramid cones, making them better at playing low-end sounds. The Vortex Bass Accelerator provides a tight low-end thanks to ribs in the bass reflex port, letting air flow freely for a cleaner sound.

Pioneer DJ

A constant directivity horn deals with mid and high-frequency content, with the shape of the horn and woofer edge specifically designed so that the flat playback frequency crosses over to the tweeter.

Compared to Pioneer DJ’s previous flagship monitors, S-DJX speakers, the VM series sports a sleeker design with the hexagonal aluminium front baffle. The Alumite-treated brushed texture gives them a professional finish, too.

Pioneer DJ

The VM-50 and VM-50-W (white) are the smallest of the set with a 5.25-inch driver, priced at £159 each or £318 per pair. The VM-70 is the next model up with a 6.5-inch driver, priced at £219 each or £438 per pair. The biggest model is the VM-80, boasting an 8-inch driver at £269 each or £538 per pair.

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