Japan-based PikoPiko Factory is working on a mini Prophet-5

The instrument will debut at the Tokyo Maker Faire on 3-4 October.

PikoPiko Factory Prophet Mini

Image: PikoPiko Factory via Twitter

PikoPiko Factory, a new synth builder from Japan, has shared a first look at its Prophet-Mini, a compact reimagining of the discontinued and highly-coveted Prophet-5 analogue synth from Sequential Circuits.

The Prophet-Mini is due to be demonstrated for the first time at the upcoming Maker Faire Tokyo 2020, which takes place on 3-4 October.

According to a Tweet from PikoPiko Factory, the Prophet-Mini will offer four notes of polyphony, a keyboard with 37 keys and MIDI compatibility. There’s also a battery component, built-in speakers and shoulder playability – yes, this means you’ll be able to strap the Prophet-Mini on like a keytar.

PikoPiko Factory isn’t the only company that’s unveiled a reimagining of the Prophet-5 this month. Just a couple weeks ago (17 September), Behringer also teased the Pro-800, an eight-voice reimaging of the synth, which will be offered at less than $600.

More information on the PikoPiko Factory Prophet-Mini when we know it.

You can stay up to date with PikoPiko Factory through their Facebook page.

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