Pibox helps audio production teams collaborate remotely

An audio-centric dropbox with tools for live feedback and collaboration.

Pibox Screenshot

Image: Pibox

During the course of some audio projects, communications reduce to a blur of time codes, misconstrued musical descriptors and badly named files. This clumsy workflow is what Pibox – an audio-centric collaboration platform – aims to solve.

Pibox could be thought of as one part dropbox, one part communications platform, and one part to-do list.

When a team member uploads a track, its waveform is visualised – which can then be commented upon, highlighted and marked. This allows specific sections in a track – which might have a mix issue or choppy edit – to be marked and focused on. Pibox keeps a mix version history, which could be especially handy with projects where numerous revisions are required.

When a comment is made on a section, it shows up as an item on a to-do list for the team member to solve. Team chat, updates and notifications on Pibox happen in realtime – meaning it’s entirely possible for team members to discuss a single track.

pibox todo
Pibox’s to-do list / Image: Pibox

Pibox also packs several tools for managing the business-end of a project, including budget tracking for individual projects, and the ability to bring in external collaborators – with custom settings on their access and communications.

To get a better idea of how Pibox works, take a look at the company’s demo video above.

Learn more at pibox.com

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