Patch & Tweak With Korg book comes with an exclusive bundle of the Nu:Tekt NTS-2 Oscilloscope Kit

The book offers 216 pages of patch tips, tutorials, historical explorations and more

Patch & Tweak with KORG

Image: Bjooks

Music technology publisher Bjooks has announced the release of Patch & Tweak with Korg, a brand new 216 paged book that journeys through semi-modular synthesis through the lens of Korg and ARP synthesizers.

It features a multitude of patch tips, tutorials, historical explorations, and more, along with a foreword by world-famous new age artist, Kitaro, and exclusive interviews with renowned artists and producers including Pete Townshend, Jean-Michel Jarre and Richard Devine.

The new Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-2 comes bundled with the book, which is a pocket-sized, easy-to-assemble studio companion that’s also a tuner, spectrum analyser, and dual waveform generator to give your synth rig an extra pair of oscillators or LFOs. Plus, the new Patch & Tweak book comes handily filled with tips for making the most out of the new gadget.

Watch the video below for a quick intro to the book and NTS-2.

This colourful book details the capabilities of three patchable synthesizers — the MS-20 Mini, the Volca Modular, and the ARP 2600 M. Over 25 artists and producers offer a special glimpse into their workflow by sharing their favourite tricks and patches with readers.

This latest edition to the Patch & Tweak series will also introduce you to the creative minds of Korg’s history, from MS-20 designer Fumio Mieda to Korg Volca mastermind Tatsuya Takahashi. Also featured is the new generation of Korg engineers.

“Working with Korg – not only on PATCH & TWEAK with Korg, but also the accompanying NTS-2 – was a dream come true,” said Kim Bjørn, CEO and founder of Bjooks. “The influence the Korg MS-20 and the ARP 2600 have had on music culture cannot be understated, and Korg has honoured [its] importance through the lovingly recreated modern versions that form the basis for this book.”

Bjooks also recently announced Inspire The Music: 50 Years Of Roland History, to celebrate the legacy of esteemed gear brand, Roland. The publisher is renowned for its Patch & Tweak series, which includes a book on Moog’s semi-modular synths, and the books Synth Gems 1, Push Turn Move, and Pedal Crush. 

The bundle will be available soon from Korg retailers worldwide, to find out more visit