Ohma World’s first modular microphones have swappable grilles to customise design and frequency responses

Ready-to-go stock microphones are available, or you can use the online modular mic customizer to create something one-of-a-kind

Ohma World mic with Motif grille

Image: Ohma World

LA-based audio and design brand Ohma World has launched customisable modular microphones with swappable grilles that alter frequency responses, as well as aesthetics.

Ohma World mics use swappable magnetic microphone grilles, which the brand calls ‘Screens’, that are designed to alter the frequency response of the mic in various ways. Each screen imparts “a distinct sound profile”,  allowing users to shape their sound in new directions.

You can select between two mic types which you can then customise using a range of Screens: The Ohma Condenser features a signature edge-terminated capsule which is tuned by hand, and Classic FET circuitry paired with a vintage Cinemag transformer for extra depth and “subtle saturation”.

On the other hand, there’s the Ohma Ribbon, which features a custom Lehle transformer and requires +48v phantom power, making it compatible with all types of recording setups.

There are five different microphone models available, each with unique characteristics and applications. The Motif mic provides a bump in the top end at 13kHz with a sharp drop off at 17kHz, suitable for vocals, podcasts, drums, guitars, or any other sound source that needs a bit of character.

The Stripes mic is modelled after classic ribbon mic grilles, bumping up the midrange while reducing the proximity effect, making it great for recording guitars, amps, bass, brass, and toms. The Windows mic is the most open and natural-sounding option, with only one layer of mesh in front of the recording element, ideal for recording drums, rooms, strings, brass, and woodwinds.

Holey is a mic that’s halfway between open and coloured, providing a slight emphasis on the midrange and a natural top end, perfect for recording vocals, drums, toms/percussion, brass, acoustic instruments, and podcasts. Finally, Scales is an even-sounding mic with a slight top-end boost, suitable for recording vocals, drums, guitars, acoustic instruments, brass, percussion, and podcasts.

Charlene Gibbs, Co-founder of Ohma World, said of the launch: “At Ohma World, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to share their unique creative voice and express themselves through sound. We value diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in our products and company culture. Thats why we’ve created modular microphones that are fully customizable, so you can find the right tool for your story — no matter who you are.”

Find out more at OhmaWorld.com.


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