New Path is a playful sequencer for your iPhone that uses shapes and arrows to conjure up tracks

This brand new app allows you to play with music on the go, and can even let the instruments choose their own path

New Path screenshots

Image: New Path

Brand new iPhone app, New Path, is a MIDI sequencer that allows you to play with a range of tones and sounds on the go, all from your phone.

In this joyful game-like music app, you can assign instruments to different shapes and allow them to walk around via arrow symbols to alter their paths. Each arrow offers adjustable values such as pitch, note duration and volume.

You can even add in Crossroads and Teleports, allowing your assigned instruments (shapes) to choose their own path, offering an array of different sounds you may not have thought of yourself.

Take a look at New Path in action in the video below:

The app can also communicate with other hardware and software. It has a MIDI out feature, allowing it to control hardware synthesisers. You can also use the Ableton Link feature to sync Link-enabled devices and Audiobus integration lets you send both audio and MIDI to other apps on your device (You will need the Audiobus app for this, though).

The app offers over 70 instruments including drums, bass, plucks, synths, acoustic sounds and sound effects. The arrow cells offer tools to craft your sound such as velocity, note value, repeat chance, crossroad chance, CC out and plenty more, too. You can also save presets to come back to if you make something you’d like to replicate again. There are nine tutorials and 20 demo sets to make things easy when getting to grips with this playful new tool.

New Path is set for release on Friday 24 June, with a price of $12.99. You can learn more at


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