Neumann releases the M 49 V: A modern-day reissue of its iconic 1951 microphone, the M 49

Used by countless music icons over the past seven decades, the waiting list for the reissued model is already growing exponentially.

Neumann M 49 V Reissue

Image: Neumann

German studio specialist Neumann has launched a brand new reissue of its best-selling microphone, the M 49. With a reputation for smooth response the new relaunch promises to retain the initial charm of the original model and incorporate some impressive enhancements.

First making its debut in 1951, few technological developments have left quite the same impact as the Neumann M 49 microphone – which has consistently been regarded as one of the most popular models of all time over the past seven decades. Used by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Simon and Garfunkel, Barbara Streisand and Miles Davis over the years, many will be pleased to know that an authentic reissue is now available.

Unveiled earlier this month, the new M 49 V is said to use the same circuitry as seen in Neumann’s most popular historical revision, the M 49 C, but now uses improved technology to provide a lower noise, hand-selected subminiature tube.

Handcrafted by just three specially trained employees, the demand for the latest reissue is already skyrocketing, with over two hundred orders being placed in just two days. Due to this demand, customers will have to be prepared to wait for their copy, the brand says, with Neumann’s CEO Ralf Oehl stating: “[It’s] overwhelming. Especially when you consider that we can only hand manufacture about 25 pieces per month. We must therefore hope for your patience. I promise … it will be worth the wait!”

Other enhancements made on the M 49 V include detail improvements made to the pattern control unit. Now, the new model automatically adapts to the mains voltage, is compatible with previous models and can be configured via internal switches (either requested as a made-to-order format or achieved in the post-sales department).

Neumann M 49 V
Image: Neumann

New adjustments also include the switch to the RF-tight connector instead of the old bayonet connector and an infrasonic filter to protect the BV11 output transformer from unwanted distortion.

Finally, in a way similar to the M 49 B variant, the latest design can be set to a fixed cardioid pick-up pattern. This feature is ideal for those looking to use the microphone to record speech as it improves the signal-to-noise ratio by approximately 3dB – making it easier than ever to achieve crisp and transparent recordings.

“In our field tests, even renowned microphone experts could not detect any difference in sound,” explains the brand’s Portfolio Manager Sebastian Schmitz. “In timbre and dynamic behaviour, the M 49 V is identical to a historic M 49 in top condition.”

Available for $8,500, the M 49 V microphone comes as a set with a remote pattern control unit. In addition, the reissue also comes featuring a microphone cable, a classic “yoke” swivel mount and a handcrafted case.

Find out more on Neumann’s website.


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