Nembrini Audio debuts versatile DELAY3000 plug-in

A Roland SDE-3000 emulation with modern imprints.

Nembrini Audio DELAY3000 plug-in

Nembrini Audio has introduced the DELAY3000 Vintage Modern Repeater, a delay plug-in inspired by the Roland SDE-3000 rack unit. Branded as a ‘chameleon’, this tool can be deployed for simple delay patches, used to give space to experimental soundscapes or supplement weird beats.

The plug-in’s delay circuit has two distinct voices: modern digital and vintage analogue. Adding to these are 16 stereo multitap patterns, which range from basic ping-pong to more complex rhythmic sequences. To sculpt your delay sound, you can make use of two custom-tuned saturation circuits: Grit and Smear. Grit injects more tube-like saturation, while Smear softens the attack of repeats while still retaining full frequency response.

Other controls you’ll find in the Delay section include a Hold switch – used to create an infinite loop – and a Sync switch that engages/disengages the synchronisation of delay times between plug-in and DAW.

Alongside Delay, you’ll find Modulation, Filter and Ducking sections. The modulation category, in particular, comes with chorus and tremolo effects as well as a modulated resonant low-pass filter.

Here’s a quick overview of the DELAY3000:

Available at $29 (RRP $97). More info at


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