Native Instruments reveals Massive X details

New Massive X Lab blog gives you an exclusive look at development of the upcoming soft synth.

Massive X interface

Native Instruments has shared a swathe of new details on Massive X, the company’s hotly anticipated follow-up to its hugely popular Massive soft synth. Details of the upcoming virtual instrument were shared on NI’s new blog post series, entitled Massive X Lab, including an anticipated release date of June.

This blog’s first entry provides an overview of the forthcoming synth:

New interface

Massive X will feature an interface that’s been “radically overhauled”,  says NI. It is designed to look clearer – thanks to a new resize option – while maintaining a degree of complexity and flexibility. Popular features from Massive, such as the Saturn Rings modulation indicators, will also be retained.

Wavetable oscillators and effects

According to NI, the soft synth will come with two wavetable oscillators and will feature 125 wavetables at launch.

Significantly, Massive X and the original Massive will not be able to share patches as their architectures are so different.

Even so, complementing the wavetable oscillators are 10 distinct modes and two phase-modulation oscillators, which are specifically designed for the wavetables on offer.

Joining the oscillators are noise and filter sections. The former offers two simultaneous noise sources; over 100 types will be available, including natural effects like rain and birdsong.

The Filter section, on the other hand, promises eight all-new filters, each having different modes. The filter types span classic low-, high- and band-pass, with comb and dual filters completing the set.

Insert and Unit FX

The Massive X’s Insert FX function is similar to that of its predecessor, according to NI. This version comes with three Insert FX slots; each can be filled with various audio effects or Insert Oscillators.

Unit FX is designed as a sound-sculpting tool for the final patch. It packs effects like delay, reverb, distortion and flanger, of which three can be employed simultaneously.

Other new features

Here’s a quick overview of the Massive X’s other new features:

  • New audio routing section:
    • Employs a click-and-drag modular system
    • Lets you route audio to more than one destination at a time
  • New Switcher LFO:
    • Lets you assign up to three modulation sources to the LFO
    • Has controls for morphing between shapes
  • Three Performers:
    • Caters for sequenced modulation automation
  • Remote Octave section:
    • Caters for live/sequenced triggering of up to 12 Performer snapshots
  • Four Trackers:
    • Allow incoming MIDI data to operate as assignable modulation within the soft synth’s framework

Check out the blog series here. More info at


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