Moog Model 10 modular synth is updated for 2022 and back in production

Available for $11,999.

2022 Moog Model 10

Image: Moog

The Moog Model 10 modular synth is back in production, bringing a few updates that make it more suited for modern music-making setups.

The Model 10 is an authentic remake of the original designed by Bob Moog in 1971, with 11 analogue modules that include the flexible 907 Fixed Filter Bank, as well as three 900 Series oscillators, the foundational sound behind Wendy Carlos’s Switched-On Bach and Isao Tomita’s Snowflakes Are Dancing.

Further improvements come by way of improved calibration and tuning reliability, says Moog. And each unit is hand-soldered and wired with “traditional” methods dating back 50 years.

There’s also a redesigned rear panel to accommodate updated main switches: a main power switch, power lamp, power inlet, grounding lug, and voltage selector switch.

Available worldwide, the Model 10’s onboard power supply offers an international-friendly range of voltages (100v, 120v, 220v, and 240v) meaning a voltage transformer isn’t needed to use it.

The Model 10 was last produced in 2019 in a limited-time production run. A speedier and more straight-ahead counterpart to predecessor to the Model 15, and is a favourite of some producers, including Berlin’s Hannes Bieger who explored the new Model 10 in a new brand video.

Bieger spoke of his love for modular music-making in a statement, where he highlighted discovering sounds and the physicality of the workflow as some favourite aspects.

“What I love about modular is how you can incorporate ‘happy accidents’ in the workflow, especially when tossing around patterns on the analogue sequencers,” Bieger shared. “I love the physicality of the process, actually standing in front of this big instrument rather than sitting in front of a computer screen. Finally, there is a sonic world difficult to achieve with conventional synths.”

“I love, for example, how I can create stereo sounds with a pair of VCAs and AM modulation as a part of the actual synthesis, not with external effects.”

The 2022 Moog Model 10 is made at the company’s factory in Asheville, North Carolina and is available worldwide for $11,999.

In other Moog news, the Minimoog Model D iOS app is now available for desktops as a plugin and standalone app. Best of all, it’s free for existing iOS owners and only $25 for new users.

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