Mojave Audio’s MA-37 brings back a classic Hollywood studio microphone

Mojave applies modern components and workmanship to the design of the Sony C-37A.

Mojave Audio MA-37

Image: Mojave Audio

Mojave Audio’s latest microphone puts a modern spin on a Hollywood studio stalwart, used in sessions with the Wrecking Crew and Leonard Bernstein. The MA-37 brings modern components and workmanship to the design of the Sony C-37A.

Like the original, the microphone is a large-diaphragm tube condenser with an extensive amount of headroom. It features a special capsule design with mechanical switching to flip between its cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns.

The MA-37’s frequency response is said to range between 30Hz to 18Khz. There’s also a three-setting high-pass filter onboard for taming harsher signals, which you can set to either flat, 100Hz or 200Hz.

The microphone’s circuit design itself involves a single-stage EF806-powered tube amplifier and a Lundahl transformer.

“The MA-37 is an updated take on a classic sound that is the perfect addition to any recording studio,” said Mojave Audio President Dusty Wakeman in a statement. “It excels with loud sound sources and smoothing out brittle high-end frequencies, bringing the natural sound of any instrument or voice forward and minimising the need for excessive EQ-ing or post-processing.”

Each MA-37 is handcrafted at Mojave Audio’s location in Burbank, California and comes with a power supply unit and carrying case. If you’re thinking of picking one up, it will set you back $3,499. This might seem steep, but an original C-37A can easily set you back almost thrice the cost on the used market.

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