Mojave Audio steps into dynamic territory for the first time with the MA-D cardioid microphone

The company’s first ever dynamic hand-held mic promises both quality and affordability.

Mojave MA-D

Image: Mojave Audio

Los Angeles-based microphone boutique Mojave Audio has announced a new dynamic microphone, the MA-D.

Designed by company founder David Royer, the MA-D is, in Mojave Audio’s words, “the ideal hand-held microphone for vocalists, with a versatile sound profile equally useful for a variety of live and studio miking situations” – it’s affordable too, priced at just $159.

Mojave Audio promises versatility and a reliably smooth frequency response from the MA-D, as well as aptitude for guitar and bass amps, drums, brass and a variety of vocal styles; whether in a live sound, recording or broadcast situation. It features an integrated pneumatic shock-mount and an internal windscreen for reduced handling noise and the elimination of plosives.

Founded by Technical Grammy Award Winner David Royer (of Royer Labs, best known for its ribbon microphones) in 1985, Mojave Audio has become known for its range of FET and tube condenser mics; including last year’s MA-37. This starkly sets the MA-D apart, as both Mojave Audio’s first ever dynamic microphone and its first handheld microphone.

“When we set out to create our first dynamic microphone, we wanted to avoid the harsh ‘presence peak’ common in a lot of well-known mics on the market and deliver a smoother-sounding alternative,” Mojave Audio President Dusty Wakeman said. “The MA-D has a rich, musical response that will make any vocalist happy, while working just as well on many other instruments in live miking situations. We’re proud to have a dynamic mic that we can put the Mojave name on.”

Here’s the Sweetwater overview on the MA-D:

The MA-D is available now for $159. For more information about Mojave Audio and the MA-D, visit


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