Mike Posner teams up with CLIF to release motion-powered single and remixes

Fans can unlock elements of the Grammy-nominated artist’s new track, Amor Fati, with movement detected by their phone

CLIF Mike Posner Amor Fati Remix In Motion

Singer and producer Mike Posner has premiered his new track Amor Fati and its remixes as a listening experience on CLIF. Listeners can unlock new elements of the music through movement detected by their phone’s accelerometer.

The partnership is part of CLIF’s ‘Let’s Move The World’ campaign, which encourages music fans to dance or exercise (or shake their phone about) to hear more exclusive music. The Remix In Motion platform enables Posner to implement the message of his new track, which translates from Latin into “love of fate”, or the welcoming of life’s experiences. According to Posner and CLIF, “any movement makes a difference”.

“Like CLIF, I am passionate about movement and its power to elicit positive physical, mental, and societal change,” said the Grammy-nominated artist. “With Remix In Motion, we are helping people find physical movement when live music experiences are limited, and at the same time, fueling collective social movements. When we move, the world moves with us.”

This venture follows Posner’s climb of Mount Everest in May 2021 to raise money for the Detroit Justice Centre. Posner will continue to contribute additional funds to the organisation through his partnership with CLIF.

“We see the joy that comes from moving and creating the soundtrack to moments, but not everyone is able to participate in group activities right now,” said CLIF’s senior brand manager Blaire Woloz. “Remix in Motion isn’t just an invitation to move as an individual, but as a collective, so people everywhere can feel connected in movement.”

To try out CLIF’s Remix In Motion feature with Mike Posner’s Amor Fati, you’ll need to head to clifremixinmotion.com on your smartphone. You’ll then undertake a test run to ensure you’re moving enough, and then move onto the full listening experience.