Reference 2 helps you make better mix decisions based on your favourite tracks

Mastering The Mix introduces expanded level matching options, better EQ algorithms and more to the mixing tool.

Mastering The Mix Reference 2

Image: Mastering The Mix

Mastering The Mix has launched Reference 2, aimed at helping music-makers make better mix decisions that sound closer to their favourite tracks.

The plug-in lets you compare your mix against your own reference tracks, highlighting offsets in EQ balance, stereo width and compression.

The latest version of the mixing tool features expanded level matching options; you can load in multiple reference tracks and match references to your original, the quietest track, or simply set all tracks to -14 LUFS.

Improved EQ balance algorithms – said to go “deeper” into the tonal differences of your mix and references – visualise the offset graphically on a curve. Plus, you can establish multiple looped sections to zero in on particularly troublesome areas.

Reference 2 also offers some improved workflow features, including Refsend, a source plug-in that lets you bypass insert chains for quick A/B comparisons. Some other changes include a new metering layout; a completely refreshed interface, as well as stereo width analysis tools.

Check out Mastering The Mix’s overview video for Reference 2 below:

Reference 2 is available now, priced at £49/$60/€56. An introductory discount – available until 6 December – also knocks 25 per cent off its price tag.

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