iZotope RX 9’s new audio repair tools kit include intelligent Dialogue Isolate, Ambience Match and more

Like clockwork the latest version of RX has dropped, and it’s poised to save audio post engineers yet more time.

iZotope RX 9

Image: iZotope

iZotope RX 9 has arrived, with the latest major version of the audio repair toolkit introducing smart tools to save audio post engineers yet more time.

The headline features in the latest version of RX include a machine learning-powered  Dialogue Isolate feature, as well as Complex mode for Ambience Match and a dynamic filter for the De-hum module.

Dialogue Isolate relies on machine learning to intelligently separate dialogue from noise. iZotope touts the feature to be able to discern and extract dialogue from non-static background noise; think busy traffic, crowded spaces, or even beaches. All this should equate to a faster workflow.

Another leading feature from RX 9 is a Complex mode for Ambience Match, which lets you match the noise floor between two different recordings with ease. Essentially, this helps you give ADR performances from a studio the same ambience as recordings made on location.

The De-Hum module has also been upgraded with a new Dynamic filter type, which covers a much wider range than the original’s Static type (which covers the fundamental frequency and up to 16 harmonics). The Dynamic filter type uses up to 1,024 dynamic notch filters that adapt to incoming signal levels, resulting in a more natural-sounding reduction of unwanted sounds in a manner that’s less likely to affect vocal tracks.

We take a deeper dive into the new features of iZotope RX9 in our full review, where we put to the test features such as Restore Selection and the time-saving Spectral Editor plug-in that operates directly in DAWs.

In the review, we said: “If mixing dialogue is a significant portion of your job and you require tools to get the best quality results, these refined modules will undoubtedly be of great use and will save time in the long run. You might consider sitting this one out if you’re using it more for music engineering duties.”

iZotope RX 9 is available now at introductory prices in several versions: RX 9 Standard costs $299 (usually $399); RX 9 Advanced is priced at $799 (usually $1,199), and the RX Post Production Suite 6 is going for half off at $999 (usually $1,999). Upgrades are available to users who own previous versions of RX.

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