When Hi-Fi meets Hot Wheels: Cambridge Audio partners DeLorean for their new electric car sound systems

Back to the future indeed.

DeLorean Alpha

Image: DeLorean

British hi-fi manufacturer Cambridge Audio will be joining forces with DeLorean to provide in-car sound systems for the latter’s “new generation” electric vehicles.

DeLorean, maker of the iconic DMC-12 time machine vehicle immortalised in the Back to the Future franchise, is set to revive the brand and launch its first car at the Monterey Car Week starting today (12 August) and running til 21 August.

The two brands will team up to bring pioneering audio technology and high-quality sound to the new Alpha5 car, an all-electric, 2+2 vehicle that maintains its predecessors’ signature gullwing doors, classic rear louvres and three-layered tail lights. The car also boasts a projected top speed of 155 mph.

While details about the in-car audio system are rather scant, guests at the event will be able to demo some of the other Cambridge Audio flagship products, including the Edge Hi-Fi Separates and the Evo system. Those with a taste for history can also check out the company’s first-ever P40 amplifier, released in 1968.

Charlie Henderson, Marketing Director of Cambridge Audio said of the new partnership: “With over 50 years of audio experience and a passion for elevating the emotion of music, there are many synergies between our two brands, especially our shared dynamic and occasionally rebellious attitude.”

“Cambridge Audio has spent over five decades creating exceptional sound by developing world-class audio. It’s through their passion, craftsmanship and innovation that they continue to lead the industry in hi-fi products and technology. Our partnership brings together two pioneering companies to make one singular experience for drivers,” said Troy Beetz, Chief Marketing Officer at DeLorean.


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