Heritage Audio debuts Successor stereo bus compressor

Featuring a stereo diode bridge-based design.

Heritage Audio Successor Stereo Bus Compressor

Heritage Audio has launched the Successor, a stereo bus compressor designed to deliver the warmth and fatness traditional IC-based VCA units can’t. The brand’s billing it as the “missing link between your separate tracks and a full, round-sounding hit”.

Unlike its VCA counterparts, the Successor is a stereo diode bridge-based bus compressor that features the brand’s popular Class A ’73-type output stage.

The vintage-leaning design also features some modern controls, including fast attack and release knobs that can be tweaked for FET-like sounds and clean volume maximisation.

Additionally, the Successor comes with complex sidechain filtering options that work with high-pass filters, mid-band peak filters and high-frequency compression.

Here are a couple of other features:

  • True Stereo operation:
    • Applies for single controls with matched gain cells for precise left/right tracking and near-zero offset in between channels.
    • Compression tracking works in Oxford mode, where the highest signal takes over compression, as opposed to summing left and right channels
  • Blend control:
    • Offers built-in parallel compression without any external equipment
    • Blend On/Off button allows for instant comparison between wet and dry signals

Check out a short introduction to the Successor below:

Available end of Q1 2019 at $1,499. More info at heritageaudio.net.