Genelec aims to improve headphone monitoring with Aural ID technology

A 360-degree video of your head and shoulder region is all the software needs to produce a customised listening profile.

Genelec Aural ID

Genelec has debuted Aural ID, new software touted to improve headphone monitoring by crafting customised listening profiles.

According to the Finnish brand, all you need to generate these detailed profiles is a 360-degree video of your head, shoulder and ears, which can be shot with a high-quality mobile phone camera. This video is uploaded to Genelec’s web-based calculation service, which then builds a detailed 3D model of the aforementioned body parts.

After this modelling is complete, the software then analyses acoustic fields, accounting for “hundreds of different orientations of audio approaching the head”, according to Genelec. In doing so, a Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF) value is obtained. HRTF, in short, is a value that describes the acoustical properties of the head, upper torso and external ear.

Finally, Aural ID compiles all its findings into a downloadable data file format known as SOFA, which has been standardised by the Audio Engineering Society. This file, as Genelec claims, can “enable an audio engine to precisely render stereo or immersive content via headphones”.

Genelec’s Aural ID service will be available from Q2 2019. More info at


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