gbSoundlab’s EasyMix helps you deal with your mid-range EQ and dynamics

Featuring an extensive EQ section and a selection of 10 different compressors

gbSoundlab Easy Mix

Image: gbSoundlab

gbSoundlab harks back to the analogue processors of the 60s and 70s with EasyMix, a channel strip plug-in with a steampunk theme. The plug-in is based around the EQ and compression methods that developer Germán Bou has employed in his productions since the pre-digital era.

A large portion of EasyMix deals with the equalisation of the mid-range – which is key for getting a mix to sound good across all platforms. There are multiple EQ sections, and each is tied to a particular frequency range.

The Sound and Face controls are linked to mid-range and presence regions, respectively. Density controls the high-mids, while Reso, Tune and Cotton adjust the low-mids. Finally, the Low and Air sections govern the signal’s low-end and extreme highs.

After EQ, signals pass through the dynamics portion of the plug-in, where there are 10 different compressor models to choose from. These include classic Opto, VCA and Diode compressors. Additionally, you’ll also find two limiters voiced for either pitched or percussive sound sources.

EasyMix also handles parallel compression onboard through the Squeeze section. And you can monitor your wet and dry channel levels with a pair of VU meters.

See gbSoundlab’s demo of EasyMix below.

EasyMix is ​​available for €45, and comes in VST, VST3 and AU for macOS 10.11 and newer and Windows 8.1 and up.

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